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Hallmark's "A Tail of Love" Trivia QUIZ!

  A Tail of Love Plot Summary Bella and her grandmother operate a dog rescue center, but when they learn the new property owner plans to evict them and level the shelter, Bella turns to JR, a soldier who becomes attached to one of the rescues and her. Starring:   Brittany Bristow and Chris McNally  Image:  Crown Media The Main Star of the Movie You may tune into A Tail of Love to watch love blossom between Brittany Bristow (Bella) and Chris McNally (JR), but the real star of the show is Indie, the independent, military service dog back in the States from Kandahar. Bella knows better than to get attached to the rescues destined to be placed in forever homes, but there's something about Indie that tugs at her heart--and JR's.   In fact, Indie serves as a metaphor for Bella and JR's relationship.  When Bella laments how much Indie will miss JR when he's restationed, she's really speaking for herself.  JR and Bella shower Indie with love and attention, assuming their c