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Hallmark's "One Perfect Wedding" Combines Love & Mystery

Starring:  Taylor Cole, Jack Turner, Rukiya Bernard, and Dewshane Williams Released:  2021 Summary:  A longtime engaged couple decides to do away with plans for a grandiose ceremony and instead books a small venue for friends and family to attend. Ben & Cara return to where their love began in One Perfect Wedding . Image: Crown Media "One Perfect Wedding" Is Part Of A Trilogy   In 2018, Hallmark brought us One Winter Weekend where best friends Cara and Megan head to a ski getaway.  Once there, they learn their room has been double booked with two other eligible men--Ben and Sean--which leads to romance. The second installment, One Winter Proposal , aired in 2019.  Although Megan and Sean didn't have the traction they needed in the first movie to get their relationship off the ground, they find another chance.  Ben has two proposals to make, one to Cara and one for a business venture. It only makes sense that One Perfect Wedding would take place at the same lodg