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Take This QUIZ On Hallmark's "Roadhouse Romance!"

Starring:  Lauren Alaina and Tyler Hynes Released:  2021 (Fall Harvest) Summary:  When Callie returns home from her deployment, she finds her hometown has changed.  Her high school sweetheart has a new girlfriend, and her family's barbeque restaurant is struggling.  When she meets a marooned film director, they both learn how to look forward instead of back and find love in the process. Roadhouse Romance kicked off Hallmark's Fall Harvest 2021.  Image: Crown Media Same Movie Formula With A Few Nice Twists Just like Matchmaker Santa , this plot relies on a car breaking down and stranding out-of-towners indefinitely.  It's funny that Hallmark treats small towns like remote, third-world countries that have no access to modern conveniences or supplies.  Finding a replacement switch for a classic car might be a little more challenging, but any service garage could track one down in a day and have it shipped overnight.   Regardless, Tucker's Roadhouse shows Southern hospital