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What Do You Love Most About Winter?

You don't have to like winter to love Hallmark's Winterfest.  Despite the nip in the air, our leading lady never gives her man the cold shoulder, nor does he ever dismiss her as a flake.  They fall in love in three seconds, and we are snow happy if the final lip lock melts thick ice.

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What Do You Love Most About Winter?

Don't you dare say, when it's over!

In Winter in Vail, Lacey Chabert's character is fascinated by all the stars that are visible in the night sky--they are so clear, unlike in Los Angeles where the city lights make them impossible to see.

Her uncle's chalet is off the beaten path and insulated with snow.  She marvels at the absolute quiet.

Quiet--that's one of my favorite things about winter.  If you live in a warm climate, you may never get the chance to notice it.

The birds aren't singing.  An orchestra of mowers isn't playing.  Leaf blowers aren't whirring.  The joyful screams of children aren't echoing through the neighborhood.  Air conditioners are silent.  There's not even the occasional buzz of a passing bee.  Everything is quiet and serene.

On snowy days, passing cars are barely noticeable, their sound being muffled by the white, sparkling cushion.  

The hush doesn't last, but by spring, chirping birds are a welcome melody. 

Winter's Downside

If you love fun in the sun, then winter might give you the blues.

You have to don bulky outerwear to venture out, slush and salt muck up your vehicle, and your family can't spend as much time outside burning off energy and calories.

It's too cold to play in the water, and flu season often strikes with a vengeance.

Everything looks dead.  No produce growing in your garden.  No flowers blooming.  No feathered friends splashing in your bird bath.

The best way to beat cabin fever is to wring out all the good winter does have to offer.  Create your own Winterfest, and before you know it, warmer days will be around the corner!

Focus On the Positive

Since you don't have to spend so much time manicuring your landscaping during the winter, you have extra time to do the things you miss out on during warmer months.

It might be too cold for a bonfire in the backyard, but if you have a fireplace, you can still enjoy the coziness and warmth indoors.  All you need is a hot beverage (or wine!), a snuggly blanket, and a TV remote.  Plow through your DVR and watch all those recordings you don't have time for once the weather breaks.

Crack the covers of all the books that have piled up for you to read.

Tackle indoor projects you have put off for "when you have time."  Clear the clutter, list unwanted items on Facebook Marketplace, and maybe you'll make enough money to fund your summer vacation.

Speaking of vacation, console yourself by planning your summer trip while you are stuck in the house.  Do all of your online research to find where you want to lodge, what activities you want to do while you are there, the best places to eat and shop, and then make your reservations.  Focusing your attention on vacation planning will take your mind off the winter doldrums.

Put a puzzle together.  It's good for your brain!  

Find new recipes.  It might be too cold to grill on your deck, but  have fun looking through cook books and magazines or browsing online recipe sites to plan comfort foods for winter and some new dishes to try on the grill when you can fire it up without getting frost bite.

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Exercise!  If you haven't been walking or jogging due to the chill in the air, you might be getting despondent about gaining weight.  Invest in exercise DVD's you can do at home, grab a friend to walk with you at the mall or Rec Center, or join a gym.  You will feel better!

Best Parts of Winter

The mosquitoes are dead.  

Sweatshirts and sweatpants hide the extra pounds.

Make Winter Fun         

If you have kids or grand kids, look for special activities or events you can do together indoors.

  • Visit a trampoline park
  • Go to a giant soft play area
  • Play board games
  • Craft or color 
  • Plan a shopping trip
  • Stay overnight at an indoor water park
  • Try ice skating (If you're single, pretend you're in a Hallmark movie and fall into the arms of a good-looking stranger and let us know what happens!)
  • Go roller-skating
  • Visit an aquarium
  • Drive to the closest Children's Museum
  • Go sledding
If you don't have kids, there are plenty of things you can still do. 
  • Invite friends over for fun, food, and laughs
  • Volunteer at church or community organization
  • Pursue a hobby
  • Enroll in a class at your local Recreation Complex
  • Take a winter vacation
  • Go to an art museum
  • Buy tickets to a dinner theatre
  • Skip Redbox or Netflix and go to the movies

Attitude Is Everything

If you love winter, as I do, the cold days are energizing.  You can catch up on so many projects!  Snow days with the kids also mean sledding, snow ball fights, snowmen, and snow angels followed by steaming cups of hot chocolate--activities exclusive to winter.   Winter is beautifully tranquil and restorative, if you look at it from the right angle.

Non-traditional snow bunny

Many complain that winter is too cold, but I disagree.  Winter allows you to add layers of clothing to maintain an ideal temperature.  Summer can't do that!  You can wear your skimpiest outfit on a hot and humid day and still be drenched in sweat.  

If winter is a bitter chill for you to swallow, and you don't have the sleetest idea how to pass the time until spring, try one of the activities discussed above, or come up with your own winter bucket list.  If you use your imagination, there's no reason to be brrredstiff this winter! 

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