Hallmark's "Sweet Autumn" Best 2020 Fall Harvest Premiere

Starring:  Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker

Released:  2020

Summary:  A woman decides to split her candy shop between her niece and a maple farmer, and after seeing letters that she left, they start to understand her reasoning.

Image:  Crown Media

Sweet Autumn a Big Hit With Hallmark Fans

Pairing Hallmark A-listers, like Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker, is guaranteed to result in a movie that will delight the fan base. This power couple delivered and brought Hallmarkies the best Fall Harvest movie for 2020.

A close second is Country at Heartfollowed by My Best Friend's Bouquet.  The other two Fall Harvest premieres, Follow Me to Daisy Hills and Falling for Look Lodge don't even earn honorable mentions on our list.  

Matchmaking From the Grave

How fitting that Aunt Dee loved the special owl poem that read:
A wise old owl
lived in an oak,
the more he saw
the less he spoke.
The less he spoke,
the more he heard.
Now wasn't he
a wise old bird.
Aunt Dee was a wise bird, too.  She knew just how to bring Maggie and Dex together, knowing they would be a perfect match.

Weren't the letters Aunt Dee left sweet?

If you've ever lost someone close to your heart, you wish you could hear their voice one last time.  Maggie and Dex get to have that.  Aunt Dee was her spunky self in the video she did for her will reading--accurately and humorously predicting how each person in attendance was reacting. Plus, her daily letters to each of them provided the nuggets of wisdom, encouragement, and guidance they needed for this new chapter of their lives.

Even Aunt Dee's candy wrappers are filled with positive messaging.  That's the kind of person we should all strive to be--the kind who speaks life and hope into the people we meet. 

Fabulous Chemistry

Sweet Autumn is the third movie DeLoach and Walker have starred in together.  You can also find them in A Dream of Christmas and The Perfect Catch.  

Sometimes two people click, and sometimes they don't.  DeLoach and Walker had an immediate connection, so much so that they have befriended each other's spouses!  You can read all about it HERE in the exclusive interview they did with People.  

If you're tired of waiting until the last minute for the kiss, you didn't have to with this movie!  There was P.D.A. and a kiss much sooner, plus the closing kiss SIZZLED!  I got a little weak in the knees on that one!  How about you?

Image:  Crown Media

Closed Book People

Maggie is adventurous and an open book.  Dex is more of an enigma.  

Have you ever met someone you want to know better, but their emotional walls prevent you from getting close to them?

In Dex's case, he's been hurt.  When we make ourselves vulnerable to others, there's always an emotional risk.  It's a risk worth taking because the alternative is to shut everyone out and then end up alone.

Image:  Crown Media

Interesting Lessons on Maple Syrup

Who doesn't love maple syrup?  This movie provides us with some fun facts about the process.

  • You should always tap the south side of the maple tree because it gets warmed by the sun first and will get the sap flowing earlier.
  • It takes 40 gallons of sap to produce one gallon of syrup (no wonder the real kind is so expensive!).
  • Legend has it the Iriquois observed squirrels eating sap and gave it a try.
  • You can make maple taffy by pouring boiling maple syrup onto a clean bed of ice.
  • Maple syrup is healthy?  In its pure form, it is free of artificial additives and sweeteners and contains up to 24 different antioxidants (I added that last part!).
We can be entertained AND learn something?  Win-win!

What Do You Love Most About Sweet Autumn?

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Hallmark's "My Best Friend's Bouquet"--Chaley Rose, Superstitions, In-Laws, & Hopeless Romantics

Starring:  Chaley Rose and Nathan Witte

Released:  2020 (Fall Harvest)

Summary:  A hopeless romantic catches the bouquet at her friend's wedding, and she starts letting the bouquet toss convince her that an eligible bachelor is the one.

Image:  Crown Media

Who Is Chaley Rose?

Chaley Rose is best known for her role as Zoey in the drama series Nashville.  Hallmark fans remember her from A Christmas Duet which premiered during the 2019 Christmas season where she wowed us with her musical talent.  

Not only is Rose an accomplished singer and songwriter (too bad we didn't get to hear her perform any tracks in My Best Friend's Bouquet), but in high school, she was a cheerleader, gymnast, on the track team, and her school's first black homecoming queen.  What a woman!

Rose expounds on her heritage--her mom is half black and half white, and her dad is one-quarter white and three-quarters black, despite his fair complexion.  Not only is she beautiful, but Rose's performance in this Fall Harvest production earns her high marks among Hallmarkies.  She is playful, endearing, empathetic, relaxed, and natural.      

Unfortunately, Rose isn't slated to star in any holiday movies during the 2020 season, but let's hope we will see more of her in 2021.

Are You Superstitious?

This movie has a creative twist--the focus is on the power of a wedding bouquet to decide who will get married next.  We know this is the point of the bouquet tossing tradition anyway, but Hallmark takes it a step further and brings the wedding lore to life.

When Athena's wedding plans start falling apart, Josie assumes the blame for throwing a monkey wrench into fate.  If only Athena had caught Emma's bouquet instead of her, Athena wouldn't be dealing with crazy mishaps, like her engagement ring dropping into the pond, her future mother-in-law steamrolling her, or the wedding venue catching fire.

Despite the apparent maladies, we realize the bouquet knew what it was doing all along when it picked Josie to catch it.  She does get married next, and everything works out for Athena--her delayed wedding means she can finish her degree program.

Are you superstitious?  If so, share what superstitions you swear by in the comment section.

As for me, I'm not remotely superstitious because my faith in God means He directs my steps, as the Bible says.  When you know God is in control and guiding you, you can rely on Him--not rituals or old wives tales to decide your fate.

The Interfering Mother-in-Law

Any of you have an interfering mother-in-law?

Some of you may see your MIL as a second mom, but I bet many of you rolled your eyes and identified with Brian's mom in this movie--the kind who oversteps boundaries and interferes too much in your life.  When an in-law offers to pay your expenses, there are often strings attached.

Hallmark doesn't allow us to recoil from the controlling antics of Brian's mom for long.  When we learn she was once poor and couldn't have a wedding of her own, it helps us view her with more compassion.  Her heart is right.  She wants her son and daughter-in-law to have the dream wedding she never got to have.  She finally backs off, Athena is quick to forgive, and peace is restored.

By the way, is there anyone besides me who thinks Athena (Rebecca Olson) looks a little like supermodel Gisele Bundchen?

Gisele Bundchen

Rebecca Olson (photo by Liz Rosa)

My Favorite Scene

One of my favorite scenes from the movie is the part where Josie and Emma go wedding dress shopping with Athena.  It's the perfect "girls day out."  Every time Athena prepares to emerge from the fitting room, Josie and Emma pretend to play a variety of air instruments.  

The actresses engage so naturally with each other that they really seem like the best of friends.  We can picture ourselves out with our own friends doing the same antics.

If you think back to the Summer Nights bomb, Love on Harbor Island, do you remember the scene where Lily and her friend reenact their high school dance number in the kitchen?  It was so forced and embarrassing, and the acting was terrible.  It was nice to see Hallmark get it right in My Best Friend's Bouquet.

Image:  Crown Media

The Problem With Being A Hopeless Romantic

Josie does something many of us have done when looking for the right mate--she keeps a mental list of all the things she's looking for in a guy, but being able to check off the boxes doesn't mean you've found the right one.

Sometimes, our romantic expectations make it impossible for any human to fulfill.

Josie and Alex have known each other since college.  They are the best of friends, which is the perfect foundation for a lifelong commitment.  There's nothing better than marrying your best friend, especially when you have a lot in common.  Josie helps students find success through tutoring, and Alex helps communities via urban development and redesigning green spaces.  They are both do-gooders and the perfect match!

Alex struggles with communicating his feelings, and because of his hesitation, he nearly loses Josie to the wealthy and successful Will Forsythe, whom Josie thinks might be "the one" the bouquet is leading her to.  

When Josie insists Alex try online dating, she's surprised to feel a little jealous when he meets and connects with Marissa so quickly.

Single ladies, if you have your eye on someone and he takes your presence in his life for granted, let this be a good lesson for you.  Don't sit home and pine for him--go find someone else and see if he notices and cares!     

Josie finally realizes Alex has been the right man for her all along, he turns down the job offer in Chicago, and the two wed in the green space he most recently created.  

The bouquet really DID know what it was doing!

Image:  Crown Media

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2020 Recap: Vote For Your Favorite "Season" of Hallmark Movies

Despite a year marred by a pandemic, Hallmark still managed to entertain fans with scores of original new movie premieres.  

We'll take a walk down memory lane with a quick recap of each "season" of Hallmark, and then you will have a chance to vote on which season of 2020 was your favorite.

We aren't including Christmas movies because their pure, unmatched awesomeness gives them an unfair advantage!  Don't worry though--you'll get a chance to vote on your favorite, new Christmas movie at year's end.  

Not only are we reviewing the Hallmark movie year in pictures, but if you click on the hyperlinked movie titles, you can visit each blog post that includes fun stuff, like quizzes, polls, and more. 


  • Winter in Vail --Lacey Chabert and Tyler Hynes--Chelsea inherits a house in Vail. She meets Owen and gets a much needed break. Together, they put on Strudelfest to highlight the charm of Old Vail.
Image:  Crown Media

  • Love in Winterland--Italia Ricci and Chad Michael Murray--Ally, a final contestant on a dating show, must face her high school sweetheart when she is chosen for the Hometown Date.

  • Love on Iceland--Kaitlin Doubleday and Colin Donnell--Seeking inspiration for work, Chloe gathers her college travel group back together for a trip to Iceland. When her ex, a member of the group, shows up uninvited, sparks fly.
Image:  Crown Media
  • Amazing Winter Romance--Jessy Schram and Marshall Williams--When journalist, Julia, goes back home to find inspiration, she discovers her childhood friend has built a giant snow maze which prompts her to find her way to true love.
Image:  Crown Media
  • Hearts of Winter--Jill Wagner and Victor Webster--An interior designer brings new life to the house of a widower and his daughter and finds love in the process.
Image:  Crown Media

Love Ever After

  • A Valentine's Match--Bethany Joy Lenz and Luke Macfarlane--Fired from her job as a reality TV host, Natalie returns home for Valentine's Day, only to find herself running the town festival's auction with her ex-fiancΓ© thanks to two scheming mothers.
Image:  Crown Media
  • Matching Hearts--Taylor Cole and Ryan Paevey--As Valentine's Day nears, a matchmaker is tasked by her mentor to find a match for an entrepreneur who believes staying single is the key to success.
Image:  Crown Media
  • The Secret Ingredient--Erin Cahill and Brendan Penny--Small-town baker, Kelly, gets a big surprise when she is invited to compete on a Valentine's Day baking show in New York City--and an even bigger surprise when she runs into her ex-fiancΓ©.
Image:  Crown Media
  • Love in Store--Alexandria Breckenridge and Robert Buckley--Two rival home shopping hosts are forced together while competing for a promotion. Along the way, they find their on-air chemistry kindles an off-air spark.
Image:  Crown Media

Spring Fling

  • Just My Type--Vanessa, a pop culture writer in NYC, lands the interview of a lifetime with renowned mystery author Martin Clayborne. It's a rocky start, but as they spend more time together, she learns there is much more to him than meets the eye.
Image:  Crown Media
  • You're Bacon Me Crazy--Cleo Morelli, an aspiring Portland chef, tries to win a food truck competition while the competition tries to win her heart.
Image:  Crown Media
  • Fashionably Yours--After years organizing fashion in the city, Lauren decides to move home. In exchange for her organizing services, mover Rob makes it his mission to help her see the beauty of Seattle.
Image:  Crown Media
  • Nature of Love--City girl, Katie, is writing a magazine feature on a glamping resort. Far from sporty, she faces her fears trying the camp's activities with help from Will, a rugged outdoorsman and nature guide.
Image:  Crown Media

A Little Romance

  • Love in the Forecast--After swearing off dating for a full year, Leah quickly learns her new commitment has made her a magnet for men.
Image:  Crown Media
  • Love Under the Olive Tree--Cabella Oil and Brandini's have been competing oil ranches for decades. However, their grand children discover they may have more in common than they realized--and sparks begin to fly.
Image:  Crown Media

Summer Nights

  • Romance in the Air--After learning her job is on the line, Eden returns to Lake Tahoe where she used to spend her summers growing up. There, she's reunited with her childhood friend, Riley, and finds that the draw of her past might direct her future to a happiness she's been missing in her life.

  • Love on Harbor Island--Interior designer, Lily, returns home to help her Aunt Maggie run her marina-side bed and breakfast when she meets Marcus, a handsome seaplane pilot whose work delivering rescue dogs helps Lily discover that home really is where the heart is.
Image:  Crown Media
  • Wedding Every Weekend--Nate and Brooke are going to the same four weddings, four weekends in a row. To avoid set-ups, they go together as "wedding buddies." But what starts as a friendship soon becomes deeper.

Fall Harvest

  • Follow Me to Daisy Hills--When Jo realizes that her family's general store in Daisy Hills is losing money, her father, Duke, calls in a favor to help. Duke's help is Jo's ex-boyfriend, Blake, a former Daisy Hills native.
Image:  Crown Media
  • Falling for Look Lodge--Lily wants to be an activities director at Look Lodge, and she is thrilled when she's given the chance to do so by helping Noah and his family, who are there for his sister's wedding.
Image:  Crown Media
  • Country at Heart--A struggling country singer meets a Nashville songwriter in need of inspiration. Teaming up to write a song, their work gets complicated but results in both a hit song...and true love.
Image:  Crown Media
  • My Best Friend's Bouquet--A hopeless romantic misses all of the signs of true love when she puts her trust in a bouquet tossed at a wedding.
Image:  Crown Media
  • Sweet Autumn--Maggie, a successful entrepreneur, returns home for a will reading and discovers she's inherited half of her aunt's famed maple candy business. What she doesn't understand is why Aunt Dee's maple supplier, Dex, inherited the other half. Her return also coincides with the town's Sweet Autumn Fest, and through a series of letters Aunt Dee left, Maggie and Dex search for the reason behind her aunt's final wishes. As she and Dex grow closer, Maggie must decide if the life she built is the one she wants.
Image:  Crown Media

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