Can You Ace This QUIZ On Hallmark's "Harvest Love?"

Starring:  Jen Lilley and Ryan Paevey

Released:  2017

Summary:  When a widowed doctor visits her family's orchard in an effort to reconnect with her son, she soon finds herself getting closer to the farm's manager.

Image:  Crown Media

Juggling Kids And A Career

Luna Gilson is a top surgeon at Seattle West Hospital, and she's up for the promotion of her life.  The nature of her work requires her to be on call 24/7 and spend countless hours at work, often sacrificing sleep to take care of her patients.

The biggest drawback to Luna's success is missing so many important moments with her son, Andy.  Soccer games, school plays, the spelling bee--Andy no longer mentions them to her because he knows she'll be too busy to come.  

Luna relies on a sitter and often returns home too late to have dinner with her son or tuck him in at night.  

Does your heart break a little when you watch this?  

Kids are young for such a short time--it's a season of your life you don't want to miss!  Not every mom has the ability, or even the desire, to stay home with her kids.  If you're a working parent, you know the juggling act required to raise your children, attend to your domestic responsibilities, and spend hours at the office.  

How much have you missed?  

Luna decides to take a step back because she's saddened by the broken connection between her and Andy.  Although Andy wants to spend his school break someplace exciting like his friends, he ends up loving his time on the farm.  Small-town life offers a lot of outdoor adventure! 

Love Happens When You Least Expect It

Luna meets Will Nash, the handsome scientist-slash-farm manager.  Will's goal is to buy his own farm, but in the meantime, he's using his talents at the Gilson orchard.  

After spending quality time together and enjoying an abundance of fall festival fun, you don't even have to watch the whole movie to know how it will end.  Luna makes plans to open her own practice in town, Nash buys a parcel of the Gilson orchard for his own, and Andy is thrilled to relocate to Pineview so he can spend more time with his mom. 

Own It!

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Now, see if you can answer these seven questions from the movie.

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